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Hello! Thrilled to announce today a new contest where I invite my Facebook friends to post photos of themselves holding my books! Before I get into the juicy details, here is a photo that my loyal reader, Jean Symonds from the UK, posted today on Facebook. It made my day!

Jean comments in her post:

“Just re-reading The Necklace of the Goddess Athena by Effrosyni Moschoudi. I find it fascinating in its “Greekness” and if it was a film at the cinema I would spend a lot of time on the edge of my seat!!”

As I said, it made my day because this is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind when I created the contest. This feedback is so precious to me!

The idea behind this is to celebrate our connection through the books. I have been thinking for quite some time now that my readers deserve a place on my website too, a place where they can be celebrated for their support and loyalty to my work and me.

After all, it is you who allow me to keep writing, and I really feel the need to tell the world about it – about YOU!

Our connection in the social media give me wings on a daily basis and spur me on despite the hardships – and believe me, there have been a few!

Therefore, to thank you for your support, I am going to post the best pictures permanently on my site in a separate page – a sort of Hall of Fame for my readers, if you will. This page will document who reads my books and where in the world they’re at. If you’re one of the readers I choose for the permanent display, I will immortalize your contribution and credit you for the photo.

“All that’s fine, Frossie,” I hear some of you say, “But what’s in it for me?”

Well, as you know, I love to play Santa with my readers!


3 readers will win novelty tote bags (random prints).

More winners will win ebooks from my back list (available formats: PDF or MOBI).

Number of ebook winners to be advised. Each winner will choose the title they wish to read.


Update 07-24-17: The competition is now open to my Twitter followers too! Post the photo, mention the title, where you’re reading it, and tag me to be added to the draw!

Post a picture of you with one of my books (kindle or paperback) on your Facebook page and tag me. I will then enter you in the draw. Your face doesn’t need to show in the picture for your entry to be valid for the draw, but I will prefer pictures with readers’ faces showing for the permanent display on my website. The same applies if you’re at a place in the world I don’t really expect!

In your post, mention where you are reading the book, especially if you’re on holiday somewhere.

Also, make sure to mention the name of the book.

Remember to tag me so I can enter you in the draw!

The competition is open only to my FB friends. Friend me first if you haven’t, then post.

Closing date to be advised.

Regardless of who is chosen for the permanent display on my website, all photos will be entered into the draw and all will have an equal chance to win in the giveaway.

Look forward to your photos! Here’s to celebrating what we share together!

UPDATE: The contest has ended and the winners are listed HERE


Maria Messini from Athens, Greece sent me this picture of her kindle. She was reading The Amulet on the Greek island of Skyros!


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A post about summertime!

Hello All! Today, I’m on a holiday mood, seeing that I’m off to Corfu for a week soon, so before I go, I thought I’d write a little post about my favorite season… Every year, I tend to hibernate during the winter and start coming alive in the spring. But, I love the summer more than any other time of year, and this is no surprise, seeing that I’ve spent most of the summers of my earlier life in an earthly paradise.

This is a a photo from the old quarter of Moraitika, my grandparents’ village on Corfu; this very tree and the lanes around it were my stamping ground where I played dodgeball, hide-and-seek, and a few games of cards with my cousins and friends as a child and teenager. Mind you, I even hung up my gran’s sheets from that very tree one year–couldn’t have been older than thirteen–to create a scene and a curtain as to produce a little play that I wrote. The other kids and I never advertized it and only did the show for our own pleasure. One of the village boys, Pakis, offered to participate as spectator. Before the show, I asked Pakis to pay his ticket. He reached inside his shorts pockets and handed me all its contents: 11 drachmas. After the show, we all went to the shop at the square and I used that money to buy everyone sweets. I believe Pakis had the most! That is just one of the myriad sweet memories I have from my childhood in the village, a place I love so much that I had to write a book or two set in it.

cfu 1

And, after showing you my favorite village corner, on the right in this picture, you can see my beloved pyramid-shaped mountain that is mentioned in The Ebb (book 1 in my trilogy). The locals call this mountain Mataouna. You can also see the sports pier on the beach at Moraitika – now you know what Sofia’s pier looks like in the book!

I will spend a week there as of this Friday, and hope to catch up with lots of people I love, but most of all, with my beloved 91-year-old grandmother, Antigone. She called me yesterday to say my aunt Danda brought her a cabbage from her garden knowing grandma would love to treat me to my favorite meal, Lahanodolmades (cabbage leaves stuffed with mince and rice in egg and lemon sauce). If you haven’t tasted this meal, take it from me, you haven’t lived! If you’re ever in Greece, try to find a restaurant that serves it… your taste buds will be grateful.


Speaking of food, I’d love to share another of my favorite Greek summer recipes that I recently posted on Effrosyni’s blog: GEMISTA (peppers and tomatoes stuffed with rice). Another yummy Greek meal I can’t get enough of!

Before I go, a little announcement about my trilogy, The Lady of the Pier:

The paperback for The Flow (book 2) has just been released! Just like all my other paperbacks, I’ve made this available everywhere, including libraries and major stores worldwide. (For example, in Greece readers can order it and receive it within a few days from large stores like Public.)

 The Flow-back coverthe flow-front cover

Check out the paperback on AMAZON US

Check out the paperback on AMAZON UK

Well, this is it from me! If you’re going on holiday this summer, whether it’s the sea or the mountain you’re headed for, make sure to relax and unwind, connect with family and friends and not so much to the internet! Our lives are always so hectic, we deserve to unplug from the greater world every now and then, if anything, for old times sake.

Till we speak again, have fun this summer whatever you get up to!


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