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Download Effrosyni’s step-by step tasklist for your promo and get organized!

Download her list of promo sites to submit your books for FREE! (updated 6/2016)

Download her list of Facebook pages & groups to submit your promos. (updated 6/2016)

For paid promotion, Bookbub is the best out there still, albeit hard to get a slot there (but keep trying!). Other than Bookbub, Effrosyni loves to use JustKindleBooks and Bookhearts. Justkindlebooks even provides a way to see the clicks to your book. When you submit your promo details to them, make sure to give them a bitly link to your book that you have created. This way, when your promo has run, you can check on the bitly site your own stats.


Use the contact page on this site to email Effrosyni and ask for a free quotation. She helps indies in her spare time for a fraction of the going price. Effrosyni’s satisfied customers include Amy Vansant, David Wind, Christian Kallias and Monica Barrie.

“Effrosyni has worked with me on several novels and her light, sure touch and understanding of the movements within a novel have helped to lift my works to a better level.” ~David Wind, author of fantasy, scifi and historical fiction

“Everyone knows you can read a book 1000 times and still find errors. That is unless you have Frossie proof it – She’s all you need! Only she can catch the tiny errors no one sees – until it’s too late!” ~Amy Vansant, author of fantasy, cozy mystery and romantic comedy


We highly recommend Alex Saskalides of 187Designz for being extremely talented, prompt and easy to talk to. Check out these fine samples of his work:

For more samples and to contact Alex, visit his Facebook page


Do you need beta readers? Reviewers? Or perhaps to grow your mailing list? No problem. There’s a new kid in town and it’s hot! It’s called Authors X Promotion and we highly recommend it as the person behind it is savvy author and web designer Amy Vansant of eNovel Authors at Work! Head over there now to sign up for free and browse through the site for the various services on offer. If you want to grow your mailing list and earn new social media followers, sign up for a giveaway. These work like a charm! Note: you must have a subscriber list of your own to be considered for a giveaway (the promotion is done en masse for each giveaway via the mailing lists of all participating authors).


If you’re still learning the ropes, chances are you could use general advice from a knowledgeable author and even assistance with publishing your precious first book. Beware, though: not all options are safe. So many sites, for example, promise publication and distribution services to new authors but the pitfalls are in the small print. Next thing you know, you’re receiving a lot less for your hard work than you’d thought. Savvy author and blogger Nicholas Rossis can help you publish your book and even offers online consultations by the hour. Contact him here via his site for a friendly chat and see what he has to say. Other than being tech-savvy, he’s also one of the sweetest and most giving people we know. If you wind up working with him you can only benefit.


Do it the way Effrosyni did! She built this site using a FREE online tutorial! Then, she shared her experience and best tips in this post so that others can do the same. Give it a try!

If you’d rather employ someone else to build your site, we highly recommend Nicholas Rossis, who has ample experience in this field with his fine company, Istomedia. Check it out today!



NEW! Dave Chesson AKA The Kindlepreneur has just created a FREE course where he discloses all the secrets that up till today only bestselling authors have been having to their advantage. Now you can also learn how to set up and monitor your AMS campaigns to increase your sales! And did we say the course is FREE? Go to Effrosyni’s blog HERE for details!


NEW! Make sure to check out this new post by Effrosyni. Author resources that will blow your mind and help you earn more money!



Looking for fresh information and the best tips on publishing, marketing, promotion, formatting and anything else an indie might need?

Effrosyni recommends the below three blogs. Sign up as to never miss a post!

  • Bookbub is the best out there… and this awesome blog reflects this!

  • Jackie Weger, founder of the writer’s group, eNovel Authors at Work, has tested all the promo sites and tells it like it is on this fine blog. Scammer alerts, the best promo tips, how to set up your Amazon page and to present your books in the best way, and more.

  • Kindlepreneur – run by the super-cool kindle marketer, Dave Chesson. Every post brims over with amazing, out-of-the box ideas and author tips you don’t want to miss out on. 

Here are Effrosyni’s own archives of author tips on both her blogs:

Her most popular posts include:

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So, how strong is your password?

How to create your own website as if you were a pro!

How to get a cool email signature

Use the above two archive links to browse at your leisure!

Something new is happening in the world of Twitter! Effrosyni has mastered this platform since starting as an indie in 2013 and feels compelled to help other authors master it too. Towards that end she is currently working on a FREE PDF that includes awesome Twitter advice and resources.

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