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Here follows an archive of previous giveaways run by Effrosyni exclusively for the readers in her mailing list. There are no plans for another giveaway at the present time.






Giveaway – ended August 2016. Prizes: 3 x tote bags, 5 x kindle copies of The Necklace of Goddess Athena, 1 x signed paperback copy of “Poetry from The Lady of the Pier.”

Winners respectively: Selina, April Baker, Kerry Hall, Tracey Boardman Hogan, Diana Slowey-Thomas, Rick, Carlynne Sue Toomey, Andrea, Jo Ann Patterson. Rafflecopter page here



Giveaway for the launch of The Amulet – ended November 2016. Prizes: 3 x tote bags, 2 x oven mitt and kitchen towel sets, 1 x bundle of six kindle books, 1 x kindle of Fate Captured by MM Jaye, 1 x kindle of An Octopus in my Ouzo by Jennifer Barclay, 1 x kindle of Truly Madly Greekly by Mandy Baggot, 1 x kindle of Girl Gone Greek by Rebecca Hall, 1 x kindle of Evanthia’s Gift by Effie Kammenou, 1 x kindle of My Map of You by Isabelle Broom.

Winners respectively: Effie Kameno Speyer, Veronica Joy, Sheri Wilkinson, Gina Smith Probost, Nancy Burgess, Olga NM, Janet Butterick, Brian Lockyer-Skingley, Georgiann Hennelly, Kathy Church, Katharine D. Clark, Selina. Rafflecopter page here


Giveaway of 12 Christmas ebooks – ended December 19, 2016.

Nancy Jones won the bundle of 12 ebooks. Lucy Jones, Helen Picone, Dee Lib, Dina S won a copy each of ‘Grown Up Christmas List’. Suzann Schonberger won ‘All I Want for Christmas’. Lori R won ‘One Chistmas in Paris’. Kim Price won ‘Lizzie’s Christmas Escape’. Ben Gaines won ‘The Christmas Cake Cafe’. Teri Slabinski won ‘A Cornish Christmas’. Cassandra Darensbourg won ‘Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky’. Marie Huckaby Roberts won ‘Christmas at the Little Village Bakery’. Katharine D. Clark, Yvonne Cruz, Donna Flynn, Andrea Stoeckel won a copy each of ‘Marry Me Tomorrow’. Sandra Spilecki, Lew B, Jacquelyn Roderick, Mary Ceaser won a copy each of ‘Snow Pup’. Patty Michinko, Georgiann Hennelly, Catherine Griffin, Chris Moon won a copy each of ‘On Christmas Eve’. Pat Wilson, Sandra Rodriguez, Jennifer Hernandez, Tina Cox won a copy each of ‘Her Christmas Chance’.


Summer giveaway – ended June 2017. List of winners:


SARA ALEXI – A HANDFUL OF PEBBLES: Janine Rowe, Linda Judd, Kim Blood

DONNA FASANO – FOLLOWING HIS HEART: Kelley Seemuth, Bobbi, Linda Bass

ANGEL SEFER – HARBOR IN THE STORM: Rowan McManus, Vicki Harrison, Tara S

MM JAYE – FATE AWAKENED: Bev Christensen, Lori Byrd, Clarins Mae Marquez

AMY VANSANT – KILTY AS CHARGED, Holly Robin-Frederick, Peggy Lee, Maude Moore

ANNE ZOUROUDI – THE GIFTS OF POSEIDON: Betty, Patricia Ramos, Rose Foster

TRACI HALL – AMBROSIA BY THE SEA: Cathi Kolanda, Shelly Garnett, Katie Lahey

JOHN MANUEL – EVE OF DECONSTRUCTION: Heather Cunningham, Dina Stornello, Nancy J Marte

SUSAN TARR – MIRANDA BAY: Jackie Phipps, Francheska Churchill, Kate Harding



EFFROSYNI MOSCHOUDI – THE AMULET: Jane Flowers, Coralie Gardiner, Wendy Lee


JACKIE WEGER – COUNT THE ROSES (PAPERBACK): Sherry Priddy, Sarah Rudolfs, Gina B.