Do angels tell the time?

 Today, I’d like to share a delightful anecdote from my daily visits to the beach this past summer. It involves a spooky interaction with my angels that both my husband and I experienced and marveled at!

Those who, like me, believe we all have guardian angels watching over us will find it inspiring, no doubt. As for the non-believers among you, I hope you will read this true account with an open mind and wonder what if, just what if, it couldn’t all be down to coincidence…

At the end of the day, the decision is yours. You be the judge! Here’s what happened:

This summer just gone, I drove down to the local beach most mornings. I always put an old watch in my beach bag so I could keep track of the time but one day, I used a different bag and forgot to put in the watch. I realized it wasn’t in the bag when I took out my flippers, before getting in the water. While I swam, I spared a thought for the watch I’d left back home and entertained myself with the thought that perhaps someone from the locals in the water would shout out the time at some point.

Note that the locals may chat a lot among themselves while swimming but as a rule they don’t shout out the time. But, for some reason, I thought of my angels who always deliver whenever I am in need of something, be it big or trivial, and that thought just formed in my mind.

Shortly after, I forgot all about that, distracted by the cool bliss of the sea as I splashed around and did a few lengths with my exercise flippers. Out of the blue, just as I was thinking it was perhaps time to get out for a spot of sunbathing (‘cos a trip to the beach is also about getting your daily dose of Vitamin D, right?) I heard a local shout out, “What’s the time?”

Startled, I turned and realized the question had come from an old lady in the water. She had asked someone who was on the beach. I pricked my ears just as the prompt reply came, “Twenty to twelve.”

I didn’t think much about it at that point, thinking that perhaps it was a coincidence, but it did make me chuckle, and I whispered a thank you to my angels, just in case 😛

I went out to lie down and enjoy the sun for about 20-30 minutes – the time I allowed daily to soak up some sunshine before heading back home. As I lay on my mat later on, I heard someone else shout from far away, asking the time again! The answer echoed just as loudly. It was twelve, a point in time where I’d be checking my watch if I had it with me. And, of course, it was high time I went home so I got up and packed my stuff, pretty amazed by then… People had told the time twice that morning, loud enough for me to hear. On other days that hadn’t happened, not even once. Also, the telling of the time had come at the right points that I needed to know it – i.e. when I was supposed to leave the water (even though I never asked for that!), and when I should be leaving the beach.

Stay with me, as this is not the end. The best is yet to come…

When Saturday came, as my husband wasn’t working, he visited the beach with me, like every other weekend.

As we swam, I relayed what happened that day and we were having a laugh about it. Here I must explain that even though my husband, Andy, doesn’t have any personal experiences with receiving angelic messages, he has an open mind and finds the spooky stuff that I often share with him quite inspiring. So that morning I saw the familiar look of amazement in his eyes and suggested a little game – that we agree to call on our angels to repeat this for us that day. Andy was delighted with the idea. I told him the thing to do was to agree it would happen, having full faith it would, then totally put the thought aside. I explained to him that that was the trick and it was really important. So once we agreed we wanted our angels to tell us the time, we carried on with our swim and didn’t give it another thought.

Andy got tired of swimming first, like he always does, seeing that he is a marathon runner and always practicing for his next run. As a result, he thinks of a swim as a lazy, cooling interlude between his morning run and his lunch, while for me it is the ultimate workout of about 45 minutes. So, anyway, half an hour later or so he was out, stretched out on his beach mat, while I continued to dive and float like a sea otter in aquamarine heaven.

At some point, I turned around, and saw Andy gazing at me, sat up stiffly on his mat, a bright expression on his face that was alight with amazement.

When I asked what had happened he said a couple had just walked past him and, just as they did, the woman had asked the man, “What is the time?” to which he had replied, “Twenty to twelve.”

You should have seen my husband’s face! He couldn’t believe it and couldn’t work out how this could be a coincidence. Not only had the woman asked the time, but she’d done it just as they were passing by Andy (so he would be close enough to overhear as they were almost whispering to each other). Plus, the time was twenty to twelve – just as the first time I’d overheard someone earlier that week.

I hope you will agree there’s some sort of a pattern here! Perhaps those who think the world is ruled by randomness will dismiss this as a coincidence, and it would be your prerogative to believe what you choose to believe. The rest of you, though… the kindred spirits… Just think! Just think what that means!

For me, the sea is a place where I think of angels a lot… Partly because I often pray, meditate or reflect heavily when I’m in there…. and partly because, for some reason, in the local beach I find feathers floating on most days. That doesn’t happen anywhere else. And it’s impossible for me to see a feather anywhere and not think of angels anyway. So I guess on both counts my conviction was strong that my angels were listening when I wondered if someone, unprompted, would mention the time.

And now I am thinking, if angels respond so promptly and with such perfect timing to trivial requests, imagine what miracles they can do for us for the big stuff, if only we ask!

Till next time, keep believing this world is a magical place… The way I see it, the world is exactly what you think it is. And if you have the choice to decide what it is, why go for anything different? 😉

Albert Einstein said it best with this quote: “The most important question any human being can ask themselves is: ‘Is this a friendly universe?'”

Do you believe in angels? Do you have a similar tale to tell? Add a comment and share. I’d love to hear it!


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