The Lady of the Pier – The Storm (book 3)

The Lady of the Pier – The Storm (book 3)
$3.99 (kindle)
Series: The Lady of the Pier, Book 3
Genres: Drama, Historical, Literary Fiction, Paranormal, Romance, Women's Fiction
Publication Year: 2015
Length: 301
ISBN: 1540410099
About the Book

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Two worlds. One haunting…

Sofia does her best to get over Danny, but The Lady won’t leave her in peace. The spirit guides her to meet more people who knew Laura, and now begins to haunt Danny as well. What will happen when he wears Christian’s scarf? And who is the third person being haunted, and why?

Laura is relieved to hear about Christian’s narrow escape from Dunkirk, despite his serious injury. Things at home are as harrowing as ever, but she holds on to a glimmer of hope. When he discovers an old secret, Christian returns to Brighton. Will the old sweethearts find happiness at last or will Charles never allow it?

The Storm is the concluding part of the trilogy where the two stories of Sofia and Laura merge into one and redemption seems finally possible. The author recommends to start reading from book 1 – The Ebb.

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Praise for The Storm

“Written in Moschoudi’s expert style, The Storm kept sending goosebumps up and down my spine as I was reading.”
~Nicholas Rossis, author of The Pearseus scifi series

“Read in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down.”
~Lisa Richards, reviewer on

“Both eras (early 40s and late 80s) are portrayed vividly and accurately, branding this trilogy as heartwarmingly nostalgic.”
~MariaM, reviewer on

What is The Lady of the Pier trilogy about?

The Lady of the Pier trilogy tells the stories of Sofia and Laura – two girls from two different worlds who have a mysterious connection. In book 1, although similar in some ways, the two stories are seemingly unrelated. In book 2, they begin to merge and in the concluding volume, The Storm, they become one story. The author recommends to start reading from book 1 – The Ebb.



Available formats: kindle and paperback

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