Book review: You’re in for a Ride by Nicholas Rossis


I’ve read all the short story collections of Nicholas Rossis and this is one of my favorites. They are all equally highly imaginative but the twists in this particular book are that something else. Two of them had me laughing out loud when all was revealed in the end but I don’t wish to describe them and spoil anyone’s fun. Just trust that if you read this book you’re in for a ride, indeed, and one that is truly unforgettable. The most unexpected surprises will be awaiting for you at the next turn again and again. Some of the stories  are chilling to the bone, and others are compelling page turners. My only disappointment was that it ended too soon! Choose this book on a wintry night tucked in bed and have the most exhilarating experience. I know I did and devoured it in one sitting!

 My rating

5 stars

An exhilarating experience!



Looking for something to excite and intrigue? Look no further. This is exactly what you’re looking for and it’s only $0.99 for a limited time!


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Book review: Musiville by Nicholas Rossis


I was eagerly awaiting the second children’s story by Nicholas Rossis, having loved the moral behind Runaway Smile. Musiville was, as expected, just as entertaining. Rossis has created another terrific story for little readers out there, this time talking about the benefits of coming together. Only deafening, annoying music can come out of the mouths of those who do and live without taking others under consideration. But have them work together and beautiful, perfect harmony can only be the result. Well done to this remarkable author who keeps taking me by surprise with his fascinating imagination and diverse storytelling abilities.


My rating:


Another great moral cleverly presented to the little readers!


Are you looking for a good book that’ll entertain children and teach them some wholesome truths? Check out Musiville and also, the award-winning Runaway Smile by Nicholas Rossis on Amazon before you decide. Both, ideal choices.

Runaway Smile on Amazon  US   UK

Musiville on Amazon  US   UK

Read my review of Runaway Smile here


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Book review: Runaway Smile by Nicholas Rossis

runaway smile

The boy wakes up to find his smile is missing. His pet dog wishes it could help but cannot. The monster in his closet is a friendly one, but it has no answers either. On his way to school, the boy meets a bunch of strange characters but they all seem too preoccupied in their own affairs (aren’t all adults in the eyes of a child?) to answer his pressing question about his missing smile.

Still, by the end of the story, the answer comes unexpectedly and in the sweetest way possible, so much that I felt my heart actually melting.

This is the first published children’s story by sci-fi/fantasy author Nicholas Rossis and perhaps the best bit about it, even more than the brilliance of the story itself, is that Runaway Smile is the first of many. The author is already working on the next children’s book and I simply can’t wait.

But it is not just the fresh, delightful narrative that makes this story standout; the inspired illustrations by Dimitris Fousekis simply give it wings. I found myself immersed in the pages, left behind the worries of my adult mind and turned into a child again for a little while, as to remember anew where a true smile comes from.

If you are buying a book for a child, Runaway Smile is an awesome choice. There is no awkwardness and no fear factor; just delight, plenty of innocence and a sweet ending that will make any young heart lift.


My rating

5 stars

A delightful children’s book with the sweetest ending ever!


runaway smile

Are you buying a book for a child? Are you looking for something that will please and delight a young, innocent heart? Look no further!



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