4 of 12: One Christmas in Paris by Mandy Baggot

Without further ado, I am introducing the 4th of 12 Christmas books up for grabs in my giveaway. See instructions on how to enter at the bottom of the post. Feast your eyes at this Christmas gem by the fabulous, Mandy Baggot:

How many croissants does it take to mend a broken heart?

Ava and her best friend Debs arrive in Paris just as the snow starts to fall. The Eiffel Tower glitters gold, but all Ava can think about is Leo, her no-good, cheating ex.

Debs is on a mission to make Ava smile again, and as they tour the Christmas markets, and eat their body weight in pain-au-chocolat, Ava remembers there’s more to life than men… Until they cross paths with sizzling hot, oh-so-mysterious photographer Julien, with his French accent and hazelnut eyes that seem to see right inside her.

Ava can’t ignore the intense chemistry between them, but she can’t help but feel he’s hiding something. Her fingers have been burned before and she can’t forget it, especially when her ex, Leo, starts texting again. Can Ava really trust Julien – and what exactly is his secret?

Will Ava go home with a broken heart, or will she find true love in Paris?

Join Ava and Julien in the most romantic city in the world this Christmas, as they discover the importance of being true to themselves, and learn how to follow their hearts.

‘Oh wow this was a beautiful story! Loved every bit of it and now want to spend Christmas in Paris! It made me cry, smile, laugh and made me hungry! Loved it, loved it, loved it!’ Goodreads Reviewer

‘I fell in love immediately … Mandy Baggot has a talent in creating three-dimensional characters that will pull in readers, everywhere … highly entertaining, hilarious, and romantic.’ Urban Book Reviews



Mandy Baggot is an award-winning romance writer represented by The Kate Nash Literary Agency. The winner of the Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the UK’s Festival of Romance, her romantic comedy novel, One Wish in Manhattan, was also shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists’ Association Romantic Comedy Novel of the Year award in 2016.

Mandy loves the Greek island of Corfu, white wine, country music and handbags. Also a singer, she has taken part in ITV1’s Who Dares Sings and The X-Factor. Mandy is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and the Society of Authors and lives near Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK with her husband and two daughters.

Visit Mandy’s website: http://www.mandybaggot.com/

Check out an interview with Mandy Baggot on this blog!




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Book review: Truly Madly Greekly by Mandy Baggot


I loved this book for two different reasons. The first one is that it transported me effortlessly and swiftly to the Greek island of Corfu, my favorite corner of the world. The second is that Mandy Baggot kept me interested with her lifelike characters that were full of surprises. I loved the suspense in the beginning where you were given only hints of the characters’ past. These sparse tidbits of information certainly kept me interested to keep reading as to find out more. There are both funny and dramatic elements in this summer read, which makes it anything but your typical chick-lit novel set on a Greek beach, but  the story-telling was exquisite and I lapped it all up.


My rating:


An enjoyable beach read with funny and dramatic elements



Do you enjoy books set in Corfu? Are you looking for a romantic, beach read? Give this sizzling hot romance a try! Visit Amazon.

Check out my interview with Mandy Baggot on this site!


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Book Review: One Wish in Manhattan by Mandy Baggot

bookI thoroughly enjoyed this delightful Christmas romance set in New York. This city is one of the dream destinations in my bucket list and the book transported me there through all my senses. It captured the food and pop culture, the city ambiance, the cold weather, all the things I imagine would strike an outsider there on their first visit. I sympathized with Hayley who was so worried about telling her daughter about her father, and also with Oliver, whose family health issues had made him paranoid, thinking he was on death’s door. It was all very human, very lifelike and it captured my heart. The ‘Superman’ and ‘Lois’ nicknames between the two protagonists were very sweet, and so was the whole interaction between them. The misunderstandings, their hang-ups… I lapped it all up. The only weak point – I don’t think it was necessary to name locations at the start of every scene. But overall, this was an enjoyable, well-structured read, and I am looking forward to reading more from this author (I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review).


My rating:

4 stars

Delightful – felt like I was in New York!



Do you enjoy Christmas romances? How about stories of single mothers that combine sentimentality with humor? Give this book a go; chances are, you’re going to love it!



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Interview with Mandy Baggot, author of Truly Madly Greekly

Hello peeps! Last Monday of the year, and after featuring the highly successful Martin Crosbie on my blog last week, I thought I’d end this year’s interviews with another high-flyer. Award-winning romance author Mandy Baggot and her festive novel “One Wish in Manhattan” seemed perfect for the occasion so I was over the moon when she took me up on the offer. Mandy writes delightful chick-lit and has been published with Sapphire Star, a Harper Collins imprint, as well as Harper Impulse. Among Mandy’s books on Amazon, I found an intriguing anthology that was FREE to download and I thought I’d post it here  for your perusal. A bunch of authors wrote for this anthology with the same premise – two characters and a rescued cat – and have developed the stories, each author in their own way, deciding which list each character goes on: Naughty or Nice? I hope you’ll agree with me it sounds like fun! Check it out below along with two of Mandy’s most popular novels:


Check it’s FREE before downloading!

naughty or nice

Enjoy this free festive treat from the HarperImpulse authors this Christmas!
Inspired by roaring campfires and the cold nights of the Pacific Northwest, a group of HarperImpulse authors came together to write their own round robin style romances. In this special festive Written Fireside, the authors ran a competition to give a reader the chance to start each story in the anthology with their own opening paragraph. Georgia Beyers was the winner and now you can find out how each author followed that paragraph with their incredible storytelling. So settle down, grab a mince pie and join us for a Christmas by the fire…

VISIT AMAZON  US   UK   (Check it’s FREE before downloading!)




The temperature is dropping, snow is on its way and Hayley Walker is heading for New York with one wish … to start over.

With her daughter Angel, Hayley is ready for adventure. But there’s more to New York than twinkly lights and breathtaking skyscrapers. Angel has her own Christmas wish – to find her real dad. While Hayley tries to fulfill her daughter’s wish, she crosses paths with billionaire Oliver Drummond. Restless and bored with fast living, there’s something intriguing about him that has Hayley hooked. Can Hayley dare to think her own dreams might come true – could A New York Christmas turn into a New York Forever?

Travel to the Big Apple this Christmas and join Hayley and Oliver as they realise life isn’t just about filling the minutes … it’s about making every moment count.





Sun, sea and a sexy stranger – a whole lot of fun just got a lot more complicated.

Capable, confident and career-driven, Ellen had her dream job and a marriage proposal from boyfriend Ross. Life was good, her future set. Until it wasn’t and everything fell apart… Whisked off to the beautiful island of Corfu to plan her sister Lacey’s big, fat, Greek wedding, Ellen is hoping some time out will help clear her head and heal her heart. But letting go of her past is not going to be easy.  With Lacey in full on Bridezilla mode, Ellen is soon distracted from her own problems. And when the all-inclusive treats on offer at hotel Blue Vue include one gorgeous, brooding Adonis – Yan – Ellen finds him difficult to resist. But Ellen isn’t looking for love or lust, or anything involving too much ouzo…or is she?




Hello Mandy and welcome to my blog!

Thank you, Fros. I’m delighted to be here.

What was the first thing you ever wrote and how old were you then?

I started writing from a very early age and used to make up stories based on television shows I watched as a child. American dramas like T J Hooker, Matt Houston, The Fall Guy, all got a romantic twist when I was about nine or ten! After that I used to write an ongoing story for my friends at school involving them and pop stars and professional football players of the time.

Any hobbies or interests that you enjoy in your spare time?

I love live music so when I’m not writing I like to go and see as many gigs as I can. Country and rock/pop are my preferred genres. Every year Mr Big (my husband) and I go to the Country 2 Country Festival at the O2 in London for 3 days of bands and all things cowboy. And in 2016, for my 40th birthday we’re heading for a week in the home of country music, Nashville. I can’t wait!


Wow, sounds amazing! What are you working on at the moment? Tell us a little about your current project(s).

I’m working on my next summer novel for 2016. It’s set in Corfu again but is very different from my novel, Truly, Madly Greekly. Whereas Truly, Madly Greekly had the all-inclusive hotel and was all about the package holiday experience, this novel is very much about putting down roots and begins with a run-down restaurant… that’s all I can say!

You said the magic word – Corfu – so I’m hooked already, LOL. What genres do you read mostly, and what are you reading now?

I like to read contemporary romance, romantic comedy and balance that up with crime thrillers. I love fellow Bookouture author, Angela Marsons’ Kim Stone series! At the moment I’m reading a Debbie Macomber Christmas double whammy!

Choose a male and a female character from your book and tell us which actor and actress you’d cast to play them in a film adaptation.

 One Wish in Manhattan has single mum, Hayley Walker, heading to New York with her nine-year-old daughter, Angel. I think I’d like Demi Lovato to play Hayley. And this story also has a gorgeous billionaire businessman who I think Chris Pine could play!

Being an author involves a lot of sitting around. What do you do for exercise?

It is a lot of sitting around! I exercise at home either with Zumba on the Wii or a workout DVD. I’ve just got back into the dance and boxercise one!

I tend to use my living room as a home gym too – LOL. Describe your workstation. Are there any favorite objects you have there for inspiration?


I am a candle fanatic. I have a Partylite party every month or so to fill up on wax! At the moment, as it’s Christmas time, I have a large Caramel Pear jar candle on my desk! For 2016 I’ve also bought a diary covered in butterflies. Butterflies are very significant in One Wish in Manhattan so it’s a reminder of that.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

I think to be able to cure cancer would be nice. It seems to get into so many people’s lives. My family has been touched by it and so many of my friends. Forget x-ray vision or Hulk strength, I want much more than that!

What are the things in your life that you’re most grateful for?

My husband and my children and the life we have together. Being able to do the best job in the world. I’m very lucky and I never want to forget that.

That’s a lovely answer, Mandy. Thank you so much for this interview, I really appreciate your time!

Thank you for the invitation, Fros!



Mandy Baggot is an award-winning romantic fiction author, writing hot heroes and emotional reads. She is represented by Kate Nash of The Kate Nash Literary Agency. In 2012 she won the Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the UK’s Festival of Romance and has since scooped Top Ten Reads/Book of the Year places from a number of UK book bloggers. Traditionally published by US publisher Sapphire Star, Harper Collins’ digital first romance imprint, Harper Impulse, and most recently, digital fiction specialists, Bookouture, a great story is never far from her fingertips! A contributor to writing blogs and short story anthologies, Mandy is also a regular speaker at literary festivals, events and women’s networking groups.

Mandy loves mashed potato, white wine, country music, World’s Strongest Man, travel and handbags. She has appeared on ITV1’s Who Dares Sings and auditioned for The X-Factor.

Mandy is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association and the Society of Authors and lives near Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK with her husband, two daughters and cats, Kravitz and Springsteen.

Visit Mandy’s Amazon page  US   UK

Visit Mandy’s website

Twitter: http://twitter.com/mandybaggot

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mandybaggotauthor

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2968625.Mandy_Baggot


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Two new books and a Secret Santa

Lady of the Pier, storm 533X800

Hello peeps! November has come and gone, and I’ve been busy getting The Storm, book 3 in The Lady of the Pier trilogy, ready for publication. I am happy to announce the book is now available on Amazon on pre-order. The big day is December 11! Not too long till The Lady discloses her last tragic secrets!


Order it now on Amazon


I promised my readers a great Xmas, and it’s only fair, seeing that I’d been really mean and piling on the heartache all this time for both my heroines!

But that’s not all!

I’m currently keeping busy with the launch of a second book, Poetry from The Lady of the Pier. This mini companion book to the series (approximately 50 pages) is a collection of 10 romantic poems from the trilogy and also includes the bonus short story, “An Old Promise”:

lady of the pier poetry533x800

Joanna boards a flight from JFK to visit the Greek island of Sifnos again after twenty years. All this time, despite the distance and her life’s circumstances, she’s been holding on to precious memories from an old summer love. Now, she’s determined to meet again the man she once left behind, hoping for a chance to prove she never forgot their old promise…

The book contains no spoilers, and readers who are not familiar with the series may equally enjoy it.

I am going to make this available in all bookstores (not just Amazon) in an attempt to attract new readers to the series. For this reason, the kindle will be perma-free. The paperback will be available in all major bookstores.

UPDATE: I am still working with Amazon to drop the price for the poetry ebook from 99c to FREE. In the meantime, you can download it FREE on other major stores, such as:

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/poetry-from-the-lady-of-the-pier
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1064068977
Nook: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1123057439


If you’re an author, please note: I plan to blog a lot in the near future sharing tips for authors and instructions on using various free services, so I hope you’ll stay tuned! These awesome tidbits of information will organize you and make your indie life so much easier!

If you’re a reader, watch this space! Other than continuing to host a new author every Monday, I will keep reviewing the books I read so you can always have great recommendations from me. Remember I only review books if I am going to give them a minimum of 4 stars so you’ll only find here my top recommendations!

Forthcoming interviewees for this month include Martin Crosbie and Mandy Baggot, plus I’ll be reviewing An Almost Perfect Christmas by USA Today bestselling author, Donna Fasano.

Christmas is upon us and I expect many of you will do what I do and shop from Amazon for your loved ones… This year, I had the notion that I should be someone’s Secret Santa among my author friends… To do that, all I need to do is go to Amazon to make my purchases having first visited an author friend’s website. I’ll just click on one of their book links that points to Amazon and which embeds their Amazon Associates affiliate link. This way they will get the  benefit of a small commission. Plenty of giving, wonderful friends to choose from, so I’ll pick one by random and continue to do this by picking a different friend each time I make my Amazon purchases throughout the year.

I strongly urge you, whether you’re an author or a reader, to support an indie author with this small gesture this Christmas. It’s peanuts, but it all  helps!

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Have a great day and enjoy the hectic run up to Xmas! And, for those among you who have been following The Lady of the Pier trilogy, I hope you will enjoy the fairy tale ending of The Storm, reading it in a festive room somewhere! Enjoy 🙂