Book review: The Greek Isles Collection Vol. 2 by Angel Sefer

I loved this boxset and believe it’s really good value for money as it contains no less than three novels – and they were so amazing I couldn’t pick a favorite! Sefer surely can spin a yarn, taking her readers on a wonderful ride. The common characteristics in these novels are guilty secrets, lust, danger and heartache as well as the stunning Greek locations where the stories unfold. Having said that, each novel stands out in memory uniquely and is equal in merit. I am really amazed at Sefer’s seemingly inexhaustible capacity to create stories that are simply unputdownable! I recommend this boxset to anyone who misses Greece since their last holiday there. It will certainly transport them there in no time. If you love lustful romance that conquers all and is fraught with danger, look no further!

My rating:

5 stars

Exhilarating and unputdownable!


Do you enjoy Greek island romances? Stories of dark secrets and love that’s fraught with danger? Give this fabulous boxset a try – chances are you’ll love it!




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The Amulet is out on pre-order at $0.99

Amulet cover 533x800

It’s official! The Amulet is now on pre-order at $0.99 for a limited time. The launch date is November 14, but for those who want to start reading sooner, I have two other suggestions.

First, you can read it on paperback. This will be posted to you immediately. Out now!



Secondly, you can read a PDF copy for FREE on your computer or any portable device.

How? Join Team Effrosyni (my street team!) and I’ll send you the free copy of the book in a jiffy. The sign ups are still coming in heavily for Team Effrosyni, so I thought I’d play Santa early and keep open the FREE PDF offer for The Amulet a little longer!

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Book review: Truly Madly Greekly by Mandy Baggot


I loved this book for two different reasons. The first one is that it transported me effortlessly and swiftly to the Greek island of Corfu, my favorite corner of the world. The second is that Mandy Baggot kept me interested with her lifelike characters that were full of surprises. I loved the suspense in the beginning where you were given only hints of the characters’ past. These sparse tidbits of information certainly kept me interested to keep reading as to find out more. There are both funny and dramatic elements in this summer read, which makes it anything but your typical chick-lit novel set on a Greek beach, but  the story-telling was exquisite and I lapped it all up.


My rating:


An enjoyable beach read with funny and dramatic elements



Do you enjoy books set in Corfu? Are you looking for a romantic, beach read? Give this sizzling hot romance a try! Visit Amazon.

Check out my interview with Mandy Baggot on this site!


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Cover reveal: The Amulet by Effrosyni Moschoudi

sifnos free1

Wuhoo! Today I’m bursting with excitement to share the news of my next book, The Amulet, a supernatural romantic comedy set on the Greek island of Sifnos. Think golden beaches of fine sand, deep blue and shimmering waters, whitewashed little villages and blue-domed churches. Paradise on earth.

Sifnos is one of my favorite islands of the Cyclades. My short story of sweet romance, An Old Promise, is also set in Sifnos and you’re most welcome to download it here. It’s included in my FREE book, Poetry from The Lady of the Pier.

Anyhoo, I digress! The Amulet is still at the early stage of editing and it’ll take a while for me to set a publication date… But, to get me motivated I decided to make the cover early on. I just received it from my wonderful designer, Alex Saskalides of 187Designz, and it’s a pleasure to let you be the first to take a look today:







Amulet cover 533x800

Katie Pavlides works in a dreary office in Athens. After a row with her loopy boss she gets fired and, on the same day, a gypsy woman hands her an amulet for good luck. Soon, she lands a job as hotel receptionist on the Greek island of Sifnos and everything seems perfect, except for the overbearing hotel owner, Mrs. Matina. One of the guests, freakishly tall and gorgeous Aggelos Aggelides, keeps saving the day whenever Katie needs help. As she falls in love, she grows all the more intrigued by him and his quirky friends, including a little girl who keeps turning up on her own. Add a psychic, half-mad, color-clashing elderly woman into the mix and you’re in for a few laughs. Things are not what they seem in this small, family hotel and get even more complicated when the gypsy woman shows up again. Will Katie ever work out that Aggelos is a guardian angel that came with the amulet? And if she does, will she be able to keep him? It may take a miracle. But on an island as magical as Sifnos, anything is possible!

Watch the book trailer:


These days, I’m busy editing the first draft. It’s going to need the TLC of my fabulous beta readers, and laborious editing from my British husband Andy and me in the next few months. Andy and I make one cracking good editing team but life keeps getting in the way, so this will probably take a while . . . but we’ll try to finish as soon as possible, hopefully, sometime this fall.

Stay tuned because I have more big announcements to make in the following weeks. For now, I’ll just say one of them involves those in my audience who only read in Greek. I’ve been neglecting those lovely folks, despite my best intentions, but soon I’ll make it easier for them to read samples of my work. My parents and sister are among them and many other members of my adorable, extended Greek family and friends. I am already crossing my fingers so I don’t disappoint them all. “Very nerve-racking,” says the fragile little girl in my psyche, I’ll tell you that!


I may not be living on a gorgeous Greek island but I can’t complain. My little seaside town near Athens can be paradise on earth too, especially during summer (see the two above pics I took from our seafront to show you). I hope you’re enjoying the summer so far! Over here, I got my swimsuit, mumu, and beach bag ready, and I’m itching to hit the beach for the first time this year but the weather refuses to behave . . . We had another thunderstorm yesterday and today it’s cool with grey skies. Hope the weather behaves a little better in your corner of the world!

Keep smiling!

amulet cover 3d book

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Book Review: Fate Captured by MM Jaye


Although this book is the first installment in MM Jay’s Greek Tycoons series, it is a standalone read. There is no cliffhanger and the ending is a perfect Happily Ever After. I loved the sexual tension between Trish and Markos. When Markos becomes the victim of a brutal attack, Trish saves his life and winds up having a private moment with him in hospital where they’ve been taken for treatment. It all seems hopeful between them, except Trish has a guilty secret. When Markos finds out, he gets understandably angry and their relations go south from there. Still, their love is strong and after each of them has resolved their own family issues, life binds them together once more. This book is a page-turner. I finished it in just a couple of sittings and can very well say I devoured it. The setting was fantastic, and I experienced life in a stunning Greek island with all my senses. The romance between the protagonists was intense, and very down to earth; it was all very human, very natural, the characters well fleshed out. A host of minor characters are introduced in this book, some of them mentioned repeatedly. I hope the next books in the series will introduce readers to their stories too. Personally, I can’t wait!

My rating:

5 stars

An intense romance in a stunning setting!



Do you enjoy romances with guilty secrets? How about escaping to a Greek island with your next read? Choose this one and you’ll be glad you did!

There are two versions to choose from!

Clean – Visit Amazon  US   UK

Spicy – Visit Amazon  US   UK

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