Life’s troubles and a new mention on the fansite ‘Robert Pattinson Worldwide’


I was quite down yesterday. It was the result of various recent frustrations and concerns. Last week was not one of my favorites… My husband Andy was coughing away while I had chills and ran a slight fever, and on top of that, I had to rush my cat Felix to the vet’s for high fever and anemia. Thankfully, my naughty cat has now recovered fully (and is able to attack my pot plants again!) but once relief came, my worries over my well planned FREE promo took over. After a month’s meticulous preparation to submit The Necklace of Goddess Athena to dozens of FREE sites I only managed about 2,300 downloads. At least, it made it to #1 in a few categories and stayed there throughout. And I got some borrows. But, it ends there.

Anyway, for all these reasons I was a bit down in the mouth yesterday and overnight. But today, I have a big smile on my face. Funny that – the ups and downs of indie life. People who are not part of the indie world think of an author as someone who sits around all day collecting royalties, or writing effortlessly whenever they want, while thinking of themselves as the next best thing since sliced bread. And yet, reality is so different. Other than experiencing the usual worries and problems of life like everyone else, authors are also extremely vulnerable beings. They need something, every day, to assure them they are not fakes and that they’re not selling themselves higher than they deserve. Personally, I don’t think of myself as anyone even remotely important and bouts of extreme admiration from fans leave me baffled more often than not. However, today my vulnerable psyche got an unexpected boost, simply because of an act of kindness from a stranger, and I feel like a million bucks, so I thought I’d share.

LLImage by Laura of #RPWW

What happened was, I checked my email this morning and the super-duper free service Mention informed me that my name was included in a post on Robert Pattinson Worldwide! I tell you, I leapt so high I thought I’d hit the ceiling. I mean, you cannot buy this kind of publicity and it was given once more to me on the plate, simply because of my huge affinity for Rob. Which confirms again what I have repeated on this blog many times: that if you follow your passion, you can’t go wrong.

I live by this motto and I reap the benefits every day now where it comes to my love for Corfu, and occasionally where it comes to my darling Robert Pattinson too. After all, this is the second mention I get on this site! (I also got another in the past on, who even ran a giveaway of The Ebb while they were at it – seems the fansites are just as wonderful as Rob himself!)

The new mention on #RPWW is an excerpt from my recent interview with Tamara Ferguson. The excerpt informs the fans why I love Rob so much. Many thanks to Robert Pattinson Worldwide and, of course, to the tweep @Lollly_08 who spotted this online and told the fansite!

You gotta love Twitter!


Anyway, got to run! I’m busy this week with the last edits for The Storm so I can send it to my ARC readers by the weekend. For any of you who love the trilogy, I promise the best Christmas ever šŸ˜‰

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The Ebb and my soft spot for Robert Pattinson

LLImage copyright by Laura of #RPWW (Robert Pattinson Worldwide fansite)

Okay, this is a weird world we’re living in! Last week during my promo for The Lady of the Pier – The Ebb, I talked about my favorite actor, Robert Pattinson, during a couple of interviews. I spoke more extensively about him during my blog chat on Kelly Smith Reviews, saying that I’d cast Rob as the hero of my trilogy.

Before I knew it, a Twitter follower from Argentina had picked this up and sent it to a Robert Pattinson fan site, namely (141K followers just on Twitter). The site posted the excerpts from the interview where I mentioned the actor and showcased The Ebb beautifully too, even posted the link to Amazon! Here is this post.Ā The added bonus was that my promo was still on, so the fans had an extra incentive to buy my book. I know that at least a couple of them bought it that day because they tweeted to let me know! The next day I found I had sold 30 books but as I had run ads for my promo too, I can’t tell how many downloads were made by the Rpatz fans. Still, no matter how many I got, I am very grateful to this site and its awesome readers!

Later in the same week, and after the promo had ended, a second fan site got a whiff of the same interview too. These guys posted an even larger part of the interview where I talk about both my published books, and even ran a giveaway of The Ebb, willing to gift copies off Amazon directly to two lucky winners! This site, has 117K followers on Twitter and another 14K on Facebook, and they posted about this interview ceaselessly on both platforms! What can I say about these guys? They’re the best! You can find their post and giveaway here.

Having thanked both sites and shared the posts everywhere too, I am left speechless just thinking about it today, one week later. This has been a weird week! It just goes to show that sometimes, lucky breaks can come from anywhere. Of course, I am delighted to have found this wonderful niche as to spread the word about The Lady of the Pier trilogy, and my scheduled tweets on Socialoomph have now been enriched with all sorts of Robert Pattinson hashtags.

After all, I am not pretending. As I wrote The Lady of the Pier, I always pictured Rob playing my favorite scenes of Christian and Danny inside my head. Rob is my inspiration in general when I write romance. He is also Phevos in The Necklace of Goddess Athena in this Rpatz-besotted mind of mine. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always followed my dreams and my passions in life. If my soft spot for RPatz has got me a few sales, it has to mean something.

That is not to say that I believe it’ll carry on necessarily. Maybe it was just a pretty firework that’s already starting to fade. But even so, what a pretty firework it was! I am celebrating my weird RpatzĀ  week by watching him in a movie today – my only problem is which one to choose as I have so many favorites! If any RPatz fans are reading this, what do you think guys? I am thinking Water for Elephants or Bel Ami…

Before I go, to say the giveaway on will be open for another couple of days. You can enter here for a chance to win a kindle copy of The Ebb gifted to you from Amazon by those truly amazing guys!

#love and #gratitude to: Kelly Smith Reviews, Flavia from Argentina (my Twitter follower who spread the word), the site admins, and the fellow Rob fans who took a chance on my book, simply because I pictured RPatz in it!