Book review: The Truth About Cancer by Ty Bollinger

This book has to be, hands down, the most unforgettable one I’ve ever read in terms of the knowledge it imparted and the emotions it stirred in me. This thick volume is an astounding feat of writing. Not only does it expose the shocking truths about the nature and causes of cancer as well as the devilish greed of gigantic corporations that keeps this epidemic going, but it also provides new hope for a life without the disease.

Indeed, the most wonderful aspect of this book is the way it empowers the reader. After the shock I received from the many hidden truths documented in this book, I experienced a wonderful sense of hope. It is unbelievable how easy it seems to kill cancer once you’ve come to know its weaknesses. Furthermore, it is amazing to find out that simple things like the right diet and supplements, getting enough exercise, sun and oxygen, do wonders for one’s healing. And, unlike the medical world’s lethal cycle of “slash, poison and burn” (surgery, chemo and radiation), nature’s ways have no life-threatening side effects.

I was particularly shocked to read that medical staff who do the chemo to patients often refer privately among themselves to the drug 5FU as ‘five feet under’ which goes to show that doctors are often not just kept in ignorance, but also, even worse, are well in the know of the death they deliver and still choose to let things run their course. This book, just like Ty Bollinger’s astounding docuseries of the same name, made me experience an explosive mix of emotions. Anger and hope stand out among the rest, with the latter being the one that settled in my psyche and only strengthened in time.

I witnessed my mother undergo surgery, chemo, and radiation for 8 months last year, and I thank my lucky stars that my online research led me to discover Ty Bollinger. May God bless him for the information he is sharing with the world. I only hope he has eyes on his back as he doesn’t mince his words and the medical status quo seem to be worse than the Mafia… Thanks to the advice that this author–and wonderful human being–shares in his book, my mother now has the right supplements and diet in her daily life, so she can do the best in her power to stay cancer-free.

Knowledge is what gives us power. And TY Bollinger shares it in this book in abundance. Highly recommended, not just for cancer patients and survivors, but for anyone interested to protect themselves and their loved ones. The statistics are shocking: 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be ill with cancer at some point in their lives. Therefore it has become a part of life that we cannot afford to ignore any more.


My rating:

5 stars

Shocking… but a wonderful source of knowledge and hope


A wealth of knowledge awaits you here, whether you are struggling with the disease or if you just want to know the truth so you can protect yourself and those you love. Everyone deserves the truth… will you choose to hear it?



Check out Ty Bollinger’s docuseries “The Truth About Cancer” with these free episodes – could very well be the most moving/shocking viewing you’ve ever known. The series refers, among other things, to:

  • the nature of cancer and its surprising weaknesses

  • the secret, shocking history of the medical profession, and the reason why natural cancer therapies are kept under wraps

  • interviews with medical professionals who apply natural protocols to treat patients around the world, protocols your doctor either doesn’t know about or won’t tell you about.

  • interviews with cancer patients who were given no chance of survival by the medical system and lived to tell the tale with natural protocols for healing.

Hearing and seeing is believing… The first two episodes are available for free viewing:


Check out the latest news and articles on the website:



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