Book review: How to get good reviews on Amazon

How to get good reviews on Amazon

I devoured this book. A lot of the advice made sense to me and I’d been following it all along instinctively, but there was so much more in this gem of a book that left me absolutely gobsmacked. I cannot believe how easy it is to identify a nasty reviewer, for example, who hides behind a nickname. That little tip is one of the best I’ve ever been given and I am very thankful it was included in the book. The bits about the forums were scary and left a bad taste in my mouth. I’ve been keeping away from forums for this reason and reading this means I now know for sure I never will. There is sound advice throughout the book, most of it reminding us the plain truth that people are basically the same. Honesty and a little flattery will get you anywhere. And when I say ‘flattery’ I mean approaching top reviewers with more consideration and politeness than some authors often do. Theo Rogers gives invaluable advice to help us raise our chances that a top reviewer would accept to read our books. Mind you, I found myself guilty on a couple of non recommended practices, mainly when I first started on my publishing journey. I will certainly adjust my course of action as necessary. Thank you Theo Rogers for these precious insights!

My rating:


A book of precious insights



Are you interested to take a peek behind the curtain on the world of reviewers? Are you ready to get inside their heads, learn the jargon, and the best way to approach them? This book will open your eyes and teach you a thing or two!

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  • Terry Tyler

    I’m appalled that you would suggest flattering the reviewer in order to get them to up your review. Surely the best (and only authentic) way to get good reviews is to write books worthy of them.

    • Effrosyni Moschoudi

      Hi Terry. Now, I’m appalled too! Thank you for your comment as it made me see my point was unclear. I wasn’t referring to flattering the reviewer as to coax them to write good things in the review. God forbid. I was referring to coaxing top reviewers to take on a book for a read to start with. The author of this book refers only to this part of the procedure where flattery is mentioned. It’s the same case when approaching anyone asking for their time and effort, including when addressing agents or publishers, for example. I hope this explains what I meant and I’ll make sure to clarify this in my review asap. My bad for being unclear and thanks again for pointing it out!