How to NOT lose your reviews on Amazon


Image by Dave Chesson (Kindlepreneur)

Boy, do I have awesome tips for you today.  I’ve just had an epiphany, and I’m blogging immediately to share. I owe this epiphany to the genius that is Dave Chesson, or as he’s otherwise known, The Kindlepreneur. Have you ever had your Amazon reviews deleted? Or are you an author affected by this with reviews in your own books? Fear not, because thanks to Dave, we’ll all have a few ideas from now on to protect ourselves!

Let’s face it – we all give out copies of our books to friends, or readers we meet online, hoping for an honest review to be posted at some point. Personally, I’ve never asked close friends or family members to review for me and, as my books are written in a foreign language to them, chances are they never will either. But, I realize, some of you may have gone this far out of desperation – I am not judging! – but did you stop and think that this is actually a surefire way for Amazon to catch you out?

As you will see on Dave’s post and on the embedded youtube video therein, the easiest way for Amazon to catch you getting a family member to review for you is by your mutual postal address or bank account.

Now, on to the more elaborate ways that Amazon may be associating you with a reader: Dave puts forward a very educated guess that made a light bulb go on in my head. When you read it, I’m sure you’ll know he has to be right! Personally, I’ve never made this mistake and have never had my own reviews deleted (phew, at least, so far!) but knowing what I know now, I finally feel more confident I am well protected and know how to protect my reviewers as well.

But, before you head over to Dave’s site to be amazed, I’d like to share one of my own theories:

When an author friend asks you to uptick an Amazon review for the umpteenth time, don’t. And don’t keep doing it for several authors either. I mean that ‘yes’ you can click on to make the review more helpful. Why? Because a sophisticated algorithm on Amazon will find it child’s play to work out that an author who keeps clicking ‘yes’ (or ‘no’, for that matter!) on the reviews of the same people’s books over an over has to be their buddy. Think about it. Even if Amazon doesn’t associate you with a specific other author, if you keep doing this for several authors, chances are Amazon will brand you as a reviewer with an agenda… then all your reviews could be deleted in one go. Scary, huh?

Now, head over to Dave’s awesome post. Believe me, you’ll get more info than you think! For example, his advice to publish on paperback before you launch the kindle, if you care to sell more paperbacks, is great. It is a clever little trick that will ensure your paperback will be listed on the top (instead of the kindle) in the searches for your book (this may be useful to non-fiction authors of reference books that sell more easily in paper form).


I highly recommend the site of Dave Chesson for his tips on Amazon Kindle, so while you’re there, make sure to register for future posts. You’ll get an awesome freebie book and, trust me, you’ll be thankful you listened to me when you read it!


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  1. Awesome article by Dave! Thanks for sharing! Tips like that help a lot, and now I know why my review of a mutual friend’s book suddenly disappeared.

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