Book Review: Sewing Can Be Dangerous by Sarah Mallery


Sewing Can Be Dangerous was an utter delight to read because it felt like an exhilarating time travel journey. Each short story takes us to a different place and time in history. The element of sewing is always present, sometimes it’s someone’s work, other times a hobby, or a matter of life and death – a means to save a life. Mallery’s storytelling is compelling and often haunting, the unexpected twists in the end delightful. I highly recommend this book to readers who love short stories, especially to those who enjoy delving into worlds long forgotten in the mists of time. The first short story was my favorite. It haunted me for a few days after reading it; it felt incredibly real.


My rating:

5 stars

A compelling journey around the world and through history!



Do you enjoy short stories? How about historical fiction? Check out this gem now!

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Would you like to meet the artist behind the book? Check out my interview with Sarah Mallery and marvel at her various artistic skills!


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